Making healthy easy - week 1 - you can't eat an elephant!

We've decided to ditch the resolutions and revolutionise the new year

Ever heard the saying you can't eat an elephant whole? You eat it one bite at a time! In fact, here at the wholefood revolution we strongly recommend that you don't eat an elephant at all, but you know what we're getting at! Rather than the usual big resolution in the new year that fails as soon as it starts, we're chopping it up into 52 teeny tiny tweaks that accumulate over time to make changes to your diet and lifestyle that will make you even more fabulous than you already are - if that's even possible!

The great thing is, you can join up anytime because its a rolling programme. For the weekly tweaks direct to your inbox sign up here 

So, we said we’d give you one weekly tip to improve your health and well-being, right? Well, we lied!! Here's two teeny tiny changes for your first week.
Teeny tiny tweak 1 - there is no such thing as failure
It doesn’t matter if you fail. In fact we’re not even going to use the word ‘fail’.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t stick to 1 or even 51 of our 52 suggestions over the coming year. If you make just one permanent change, that’s success. It’s important to try though. Give it a go. If one doesn’t work for you, leave it and move on. No guilt. No negativity.
Teeny tiny tweak 2 - be a conscious chomper
Be aware of what you are eating. This may sound obvious, but how often do we eat things without knowing what’s in them? How often do we eat while doing something else, barely conscious of the flavours and textures of what we are putting in our mouths?
Being mindful of how you eat is part of this. Do you eat in front of a computer screen or TV or with your head buried in your phone? Do you eat on the move, whilst running between commitments? If you answered yes, instead try a mindful approach to eating. Find a space alone or with family, friends or colleagues. Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful.                  

Simple right?? By even reading this post you are already on your way to a healthier you!

For the weekly tweaks direct to your inbox sign up here 


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