Week 2 - Not all carbs are created equal

Kick those white carbs to the carb curb!

Come on, you knew this one was coming! It's time to can the white carbs.  Do you eat anything white? Bread, pasta or rice? If so, this week is the time to kick them to the carb curb.

Weekly tweak: Make the simple switch to whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta and brown rice.  You probably already know that white carbs are empty calories and devoid of any nutritional value. They also play havoc with your blood sugars! Ditch them this week and for good.

This may be a tough sell, but trust me, give it a few weeks and your taste buds will have adjusted to this change. You'll never look back! Brown rice has a lovely nutty flavour that adds depth to meals and brown pasta in my opinion has more flavour and has a better texture than its white alternative. 


So here's why it's worth doing...

Consuming white carbs does the same to your body as consuming sugar. The exact same! They are nutrient poor, they send your blood sugars rocketing and plunging straight after. This gives you a short lived energy boost but an even deeper plunge, making you crave more carbs and more sugar. So, by consuming white carbs you set yourself up to fail in your subsequent food choices - those sweet, high calorie options become irresistible.

The science bit             
So, what is lost when whole wheat is refined into w
hite flour? Well, the most nutritious parts; the bran and the germ. These parts contain most of the anti-oxidants, B vitamins, fibre, minerals and healthy fats found in wheat. According to the wholegrainscouncil.org white flour has:

92% less Vitamin E,

89% less vitamin B6,

84% less magnesium and

75% less fibre than the wholegrain.

And I've only listed a few of the nutrients lost!!
It's a similar story with white rice too.

For those among you who have already made this change and it's part of your daily routine anyway, well done to you! The weekly tip for you guys is to consider what other foods contain white flour and consider reducing or strictly limiting those. Good luck!!

The revolution is not just for Christmas: The great thing is, you can join up anytime because its a rolling programme. For the weekly tweaks direct to your inbox sign up here 


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