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simple healthy recipe for an alternative to take away

This weeks tweak. ditch the take away and try a fake away instead - 

The odd takeaway never did anyone any harm, it's when it becomes a habit, it's a bit more of a problem. With a quarter of all food consumed by Irish adults being prepared outside the home, there is a big danger of more fat, salt and calories being eaten without realising it.

It's a habit that's difficult to break, it seems so handy to just pick up the phone, just once a week and get something delivered to your door. Ok, so this is a busy week, an extra takeaway will be fine, just this once, right? It's so easy to get into a habit where calling for a takeaway seems handier than cooking up a fresh meal at home. 

Thing is, with take away you're not quite sure what's in there. Now we are not advocates of counting calories but it is a good measure when dealing with processed foods, so how about this - Fish and chips - contain anywhere up to 1,400 calories - not to mention the saturated fats (and they aren't the good fats we talked about last week) and salt. 
Or how about a chinese - a portion of fried rice alone has up to 920 calories - add a sweet and sour chicken and a few prawn crackers and you're bursting through the dizzy heights of 2,000 calories. Not to mention some main course Chinese dishes can contain more than twice the entire recommended daily allowance of salt for an adult! (Source: safefood.eu)

Pizza anyone? well, apparently 40% of us get takaway pizza on a weekly basis. Ireland is home to the busiest Dominos in the world. So, can you take a wild guess at how many calories your 12 inch pepperoni pizza might have? Up to 3,712 with a deep crust. That's before you add any extras and soft drinks. 

The great news is you can create really great fakeaways at home - better flavour, less salt, less saturated fat and full of nutrients. Here are 3 of our favourites that are quick and easy.

Chinese fake away - try our chicken char siu with cauliflower rice
Pizza fake away - try a spelt pizza base from biona and top with our easy tomato sauce and top with peppers, feta, rocket and a poached egg
Fish and chips fake away - try our healthy fish and chips below.

Half baby potatoes, toss in a tablespoon of oil and pop in a preheated oven at 220c - put the timer on for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, get fresh cod or hake fillets into some tin foil, sprinkle with a little olive oil, add a couple of whole garlic cloves. Close over the tinfoil to make a little pouch. When the timer goes off, pop in the oven, reduce heat to 180c and set timer for 20mins. Perfect!

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