Could rainbows help prevent cancer? Your weekly tweak is here

Eat a rainbow

You may have heard the phrase eat a rainbow. This is the idea that by eating a variety of colourful foods you will create a healthier plate.

 There’s no doubt that by consuming plentiful colourful fruits and veggies we can cut our cancer risk and risk for a whole host of other diseases. As a general rule, where you find (natural) colour in foods, you find anti-oxidants and these compounds have a strong role in cancer prevention.

 But did you know that combining food types can also boost cancer prevention activity.

Recent research has looked at the combination of certain foods and found that in some instances you can boost the healing power of foods more by combining them, when compared to eating them on their own. For example this study found that if you eat a meal that contains fruit and legumes (peas and beans) the combination works better than if the two foods were eaten alone. Another study found that grapes and onions worked particularly well together.

So, if grapes had an anti-cancer power of +5 and onions of +5, you’d expect that combining them would show an anti-cancer power of +10. But no, it was more than that. Showing that something in the combination of the 2 food groups were working synergistically.

This week’s tweak, when planning your meals, make sure that your plate contains a combination of fruits / vegetables and legumes. How would I eat fruit with beans or grapes with onions I hear you ask?

Well, here are two of our recipes that fit the criteria perfectly. You could try our Black Quinoa power salad that contains mango, baby spinach and chick peas – boom! All 3 right there. Or our veggie tagine that combines raisins, red onion (amongst loads of other veggies) and chick peas. All 3 groups again – it’s not that hard!



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