How to make a new years resolution that will work

new years resolutions

What is the very best way to make a new years resolution work?

Ditch it! Most resolutions are based on goals that are difficult to keep. Did you know only  8% of people who set out with a new years resolution succeed? 

Thing is, at the strike of midnight on new years, your rather beautiful glittery heels will not magically turn to a pair of trainers, nor will your prosecco transform into a green smoothie. And quite frankly who'd want it to?

The very nature of the new years resolution is setting you up for failure. It's an excuse to put off achieving your goals until, lets face it, one of the most uninspiring times of the year. 

Long term change happens with small achievable steps taken over time. 

An even bigger problem with grandiose resolutions is that when we fail, it programmes our brain a little and we are less likely to try again later in the year. 

So, how do you achieve what you want?

Set smaller behavioural changes that will accumulate and turn into bigger achievements over time. 

Revolutionise the new years resolution

This can work for any aspect of your life, but if weight management and a healthier lifestyle is what your after, we can help. We have taken a healthy approach to diet and lifestyle and split it into 52 small achievable weekly tweaks. Those tweaks will be teeny tiny subtle changes that over time will accumulate until you are are living the healthy lifestyle you want, without feeling you have 'given up' anything. 

So let's get started - 

Teeny tiny tweak 1 - there is no such thing as failure
It doesn’t matter if you fail. In fact we’re not even going to use the word ‘fail’.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t stick to 1 or even 51 of our 52 suggestions over the coming year. If you make just one permanent change, that’s success. It’s important to try though. Give it a go. If one doesn’t work for you, leave it and move on. No guilt. No negativity.

The New Years Revolution programme will start in the first week of January - sign up to get the tweaks direct to your inbox. 


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