9 top tips to avoid too much weight gain over Christmas

haw to manage weight gain over Christmas

Party season is in full swing and let's face it, we have to let our hair down and enjoy it. We'll start being good again in the new year and lose the few extra pounds we put on. Thing is, we'd rather have go into the new year without a weight on our shoulders (literally) so the best thing is to minimise the damage over the Christmas. 

So this weeks tweak is to adopt a couple of these temptation busting tips over the next couple of weeks. 

1. Giveaway the chocs and biscuits - tis the season to be jolly but we end up with tins of junk and it would be a shame to throw them away, right? Wrong! If you have them around the house you are more likely to eat them so don't store them up. Get rid.

2. Stock up on some healthier treats - dark chocolate, healthy bars (try nakd bars or happy pear bars or our current favourite - nios mo bars - YUM! ), nobo icecream are all delicious ways to treat yourself. They're super satisfying and will fill you up so you are less likely to reach for the aforementioned chocs and biscuits (have you given them away yet?)

3. Cook from scratch. It's tempting to eat out or grab a takeaway - come on it's party season! But if you feel you are doing it too much, then batch cook some healthier meals that you can freeze or refrigerate to have on hand and relieve the urge to call for pizza. 

4. Moderation. Share a starter, just get main course, hold off on seconds, use smaller plates. Have a little of what you fancy but moderate. 

5. Keep up the exercise. Book it in and don't let it lax. Wrap up and go for a walk or have an extra dance at the Christmas party. Staying active and mobile over Christmas and New Years won't be such a chore. 

6. Eat before you go out. Skip breakfast and lunch so you can eat out guilt free later? Don't do it, stashing calories doesn't work, you'll only more more tempted by more calorific foods later on - because let's face it, you're starving! Make sure you are eating breakfast and a good lunch with some protein to keep you fuller for longer. You'll be more likely to naturally moderate your eating later on. 

7. Eat a proper wholesome breakfast. Humans are pre-programmed to eat a certain weight in kilos of food. So if you ensure that at least one of your meals is wholesome and nutritious you'll be eating less rubbish overall.

8. When the family is finished eating, clear things away for later. By leaving food on the table it's more likely that you'll reach out for those extras. Extras that you're not really hungry for and don't really need. Even better keep the extras off the table.

9. Hydrate. Drink loads and loads of water. You'll eat less, drink less and reward of all rewards - you'll have less of a hangover - hallelujah

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Have a wonderful Christmas.


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