Mindful eating - why you should be mindful of it and how to do it!

Mindful eating from The Wholefood Revolution

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Mindfulness is a trending topic of late and with good reason. Being mindful or in the present moment can help us deal with day-to-day stressors and become more resilient to mental fatigue and depression. But did you know that you can also apply mindfulness to meal times?

Meals are an event!
How often do we pause to appreciate the food that is on our tables? The smells, the textures, the colours. Our European cousins in France and Italy in particular are very good at this. Meal times are an event, an occasion. Food is enjoyed slowly and meaningfully. Not just as a means to an end and another box ticked during your hectic daily schedule. 

Teeny tiny tweak - be a conscious chomper
Be aware of what you are eating. This may sound obvious, but how often do we eat things without knowing what’s in them? How often do we eat while doing something else, barely conscious of the flavours and textures of what we are putting in our mouths?
Ban screens
Being mindful of how you eat is part of this. Do you eat in front of a computer screen or TV or with your head buried in your phone? Do you eat on the move, whilst running between commitments? If you answered yes, instead try a mindful approach to eating. Find a space alone or with family, friends or colleagues. Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful.

Supersize your digestion
Eating slowly and consciously is also very important from a biological perspective. Taking in the aroma of your food stimulates your sense organs and starts the production of saliva. Eating slowly means that you chew more and this assists in the break of food for nutrient extraction further down the digestive tract. This is called the “cephalic phase” of digestion and it awakens the stomach before food arrives there. Do you have issues with indigestion, heart-burn and other issues further down the digestive tract? Well you could be missing this very important element of digestion. 

I'll say it again.....CHEW!
Quite apart from what we eat, how we eat is also hugely important. Eating slowly, mindfully and chewing well has huge implications for your health and well-being. It’s something that I’ve had to learn, since my natural tendency is to shovel food in like it’s my last meal on earth! Eating mindfully and slowly has been one of a multitude of lifestyle changes that have enabled me to manage my Ulcerative Colitis and I recommend it to anyone.    

Top tips to eat mindfully:
Sit at the dinner table
Slow down
Appreciate the taste and texture of your food
Cook and eat in a positive mindset (think of the good things you've done)
Your health and body deserve to be treated well
Move away from all screens
Even if you're in a rush take time away to eat consciously - even if it's just 5/10 minutes
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Happy eating


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