Reduce food waste - 6 money saving tips!

Since we started our recipe box service, I’m astounded at the amount of food I throw out! We develop and test several recipes a week and I find the fridge filling up with leftover ingredients that inevitably get buried and ultimately go off. So I started looking into food waste – what it means for the environment and what it means for my pocket and it’s pretty shocking!

Here’s a few sobering facts:

On average for every 3 or 4 shopping bags you buy in the shop – one full bag will go in the bin!

It’s hurting your pocket to the tune of anything between €8 and €20 every single week!!

In order to produce the food that we waste, land is used, water is used, fossil fuels are used. All of these resources if better utilized, could help to eliminate world hunger almost overnight. Ireland alone dumps a million tonnes of food waste each year!

What do we throw away the most?

According to

reduce food waste - 6 tips to save money

we throw away 50% of all salads that we buy

25% of fruit and veg

20% of the bread we buy

10% meat and fish

10% yogurts, milk & dairy


So this weeks tweak is to not throw away ANY waste food – here’s how

  1. Plan meals and make a shopping list and stick to it (never go shopping when you are hungry!)
  2. Use by date and best before or sell by dates are different. Stick to the use by date but the best before or sell by date is a guide. Food can be perfectly good after that date, use your good senses to judge whether it’s gone off or not.
  3. Be realistic about portion sizes and only cook what you need. This is not only good for your health and waistline but we throw away a lot of cooked food too.
  4. Store food as effectively as possible. Use airtight containers and packaging clips for opened packs. For example, salad leaves or fresh herbs can last far longer in an airtight container than they will just left in the fridge.
  5. Rotate your fridge, always put new shopping to the back of the fridge and root out all the food that’s nearing it’s best and place at the front. Plan your meals around using these ingredients first.
  6. Use fruit and veg, nearing it’s best for smoothies, soups and stir-fries
    1. Soups – season your veg, boil it up with some stock and leftover herbs for homemade healthy soup.
    2. Smoothie, blitz up berries, bananas, handful of spinach and some juice for a delicious nutritious smoothie
    3. Stir-fry – fry up some onions, garlic and ginger in a little seseme oil. Add your veg and/or meat. Add some chilli for a kick, low salt soy sauce. That’s it! Serve with some whole wheat noodles - it’s the quickest healthy meal you can do.


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