Simple green smoothies that will benefit your gut health

Simple green smoothie recipe

So when I told my wife what I had planned for this weeks tweak she scrunched her nose and refused to try the sample I had made. After several minutes of coaxing and even a little bribery she finally tasted it and liked it. You will too!

Dark green leafy vegetables are the healthiest foods on the planet. They just are. They pack a huge nutritional punch for very few calories. But, if you’re like me and not naturally drawn towards these foods and find it tough (especially now it’s colder) to eat a salad every day, there is an easier way!

GREEN SMOOTHIES! Stay, with me here. What I’ve been doing of late is putting a relatively small amount of green veg -mixed leaves, kale, baby spinach and the like – into a smoothie. Enough to make the smoothie go green, but not so much that I find it repulsive – healthy eating works best if it’s something you can live with every day.

And the best bit? I’ve done a bit of research and by blending your greens in a nutri-bullet or similar, those whirring blades help to extract more of the nutrients that are held in those leaves. Far more than you could ever do by chewing.

Now I’d never ask you to do something that I wouldn’t do myself, so for the last 2 weeks I’ve had a green smoothie every single day and I have noticed a difference. Especially to my gut health. Everything just seems to be working better down there. I also feel more energized despite the arrival of dark mornings!

So this weeks tweak – GET A GREEN SMOOTHIE IN FOR BREAKFAST EVERY MORNING THIS WEEK. To make it easier I’ve put some recipes below, but play around until you find one that you like. Be sure to give the blender a good minute or so to properly pulverize that green veggy goodness.


Simple green smoothie recipes 

Each for one person

2 bananas
2 ribs curly Kale (remove stalks)
Small handful raisins
Small handful mint (remove stalks)
Handful frozen berries (optional)
Half cup water

1 banana
1 cup frozen berries
50g baby spinach
Half cup of apple juice 

Half a medium pineapple
50g mixed leaves
1 banana
Tsp chia seeds
half cup of orange juice

Add half an avocado to any of the above recipes to make it extra creamy or some kefir for a super boost of probiotics. 

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