Hello, nice to meet you!

I'm Dave, I'm leader and founder of The Wholefood Revolution. 

I've had a long food journey, my diet has changed significantly over the last few years to help me manage my health. It's been tough at times but the benefits have been worth it and I would never look back.

Along the journey, it struck me how difficult it can be to get fresh, healthy new meals on the table every night. The planning, shopping and preparing food can be stressful and time consuming. Frankly, my family and I were struggling to make food everyone would love outside our typical repertoire of 4 or 5 meals. 

"I want to cook from scratch, but don't always have the time or inclination"

I craved a service that would make healthy food, cooked from scratch easier. We didn't want to reach for take away or ready meals. We wanted to cook, from scratch, just without all the planning and shopping and preparation when we didn't have the time. And that's how The Wholefood Revolution was born - we decided to make healthy easy - for everyone, without a microwave in sight!! 

Convenient doesn't have to mean ready meals or takeaway!

I want to make real food convenient - as close to wholefood as possible and incredibly tasty. It should be fresh and full of nutrients. Most importantly - you should know exactly what you and your family are eating. That's why we do what we do. We make it really easy to put healthy food, bursting with flavour on the table night after night. 

My whole food journey

My whole food journey began in 2008 whilst working in London, when I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Healthy looking from the outside, never overweight, an avid runner and gym goer, but something was going on inside that left my gut badly inflamed. After 3 very difficult years of back and forth to a GP and specialists,  and lots of medications, I was getting worse. In May 2011, I took the decision to self manage the condition and completely overhaul my diet and lifestyle.

Gone were late nights and alcohol. And gone were many of the foods that I had previously assumed were doing no harm. 

Initially, I was very strict with the diet, whilst my system recovered, but as I improved, I was able to broaden my food choices. 

In 2011, I decided to quit my job in London, married an Irish girl, moved to Meath and began studying Nutritional Therapy at the Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin. My studies helped with managing my condition, especially in terms of understanding how food choices affect the bacterial composition of the gut. They also helped me to understand how diet can impact health and wellness on a much broader scale.


Local, Irish, family run business

The Wholefood Revolution is a truly family run business. Michelle (my wife) is the business and marketing head behind The Wholefood Revolution. When not working on her own full time job, she's helping me on all aspects of the business. 

Our goals

We want to create a sustainable, responsible business that gives our customers everything they need to eat healthily in a way they can enjoy.

To make it easier for friends and family to gather at the dinner table, over healthy delicious food.

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