FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a 90 second overview of what it's all about?

How many meals do I get in a 2 person box?

You get 2 recipes in every box. In a two person box, that means there are 4 portions in the box, in total. 

EXAMPLE: You choose two recipes - Feta, quinoa and pomegranate super salad and Thai beef noodles.
You get perfectly portioned ingredients for 2 portions of the salad and 2 portions of the beef = 4 portions in total 
This works out at less than €7.48 per portion.

 How many meals do I get in a 4 person box?

You get 2 recipes in every box. In a four person box, that means there are 8 portions in the box, in total.

EXAMPLE: You choose two recipes - Fennel baked fish and Yakitori chicken.
You get perfectly portioned ingredients for 4 portions of the fish and 4 portions of the chicken = 8 in total
This works out at less than €6.24 per portion.

 I'm vegetarian, do you always have vegetarian options?

We always have 2 meat/fish based options and 2 non meat/fish based options. Perfect for those looking to cut down on the amount of meat they consume. 

I want to try a recipe box but I don't want to sign up!

The great thing about this service is you can skip a week or cancel at any time. So you can sign up today for your first box then cancel so you don't get another one. Or If you are going on holidays, or just want a week off, you can skip a delivery. You must skip the delivery by Thursday before delivery so that your payment does not go through.
Even if your charge goes through, you can contact us directly up until Friday night before delivery, but after that you will be charged.

Do you have a box for one?

Many of our customers are cooking for 1 but buy a 2 person box and eat the second portion the following day. Right now all our recipes are specifically designed for either 2 or 4 people, so there is not a specific box for 1. 

 I'm not going to be home on delivery day, what happens then?

Our boxes have thermally controlled packaging, to keep all the ingredients fresh outside a fridge for up to 48 hours! You will be given an opportunity to give specific delivery instructions, like leave the box around the back of the house, or in the porch, or leave in with a neighbour. If we have no instructions and you are not in, the box will be sealed and left near your door. You will be sent a text message to let you know exactly where we left it. 
Once you get your box, remove everything and either cook it or store it appropriately. Ingredients will stay fresh for up to 4 days once stored appropriately. Watch out for ingredients that have a shorter shelf life - like some fresh herbs and aim to cook those meals first.

 What do I do with all the packaging?

All of our packaging can be returned or composted! Please return the boxes, thermal liners, gel packs and little bottles and we will reuse/recycle them. We will collect them when we are delivering your next box. The little portion pots are fully compostable so they can be put in with any of your compostable waste and they will break down in 12 weeks. 

 Is it going to be spicy?

We always have 4 options each week. Some are spicy and some are not, there is always at least 2 that are not spicy. Unless it is called "spicy" in the title then the heat in a dish can be controlled by using less chilli or deseeding the chillis.

How much does delivery cost?

NOTHING! Delivery is and will always be FREE 

I want meat options all the time

There are always 2 options that contain meat, fish or poultry. The other two will be non meat options, for those looking to try something new or cut down their meat consumption. 

Where do you get your ingredients?

Most of our ingredients are local Irish produce (some ingredients cannot be sourced in Ireland and so we get them elsewhere). We will continue to build relationships with Irish suppliers and growers to get the very best, seasonal produce for our customers. 

I'm going on holidays, what do I do?

You can always skip a week or two or four! Just go back into your account and find the delivery schedule. You are billed the week before deliver so make sure you cancel the date before the time you are away. For example, if you are away next week, you need to skip this Thursdays payment. 

Can I add extra meals?

If you see an extra meal that you would like, you will be given the option to buy extra portions at just €6 each. This is a great option if you are having people over for dinner, or if you just fancy another delicious meal. You can order up to 12 portions of any dish. 

I don't live in one of the towns you listed, can you deliver to me?

We are currently delivering to these areas. If we are not currently delivering to your area, be sure to register your interest at the bottom of the page here.

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