Healthy recipes for couples delivered in food boxes in Ireland
Recipe box for couples
Just the 2 of us 2 for 2

Recipe box for couples


Two recipes (dinners) for two people (4 portions in total) 

Just €7.48 per portion!

No risk, flexible subscription

Skip a week or cancel anytime

30 - 45 minutes to cook a meal

FREE delivery

New recipes every week (you will receive an email with 4 options, you choose 2)

Option to buy extra recipes or portions for just €6

Box contents - 2 recipe cards, ingredients for 2 people (including all fresh herbs, spices, meat, fish, vegetables etc). You may need some oil (olive) and/or salt and pepper.

Choose recipes AFTER purchase. You'll get an email within 24 hours where you choose - see this weeks meals.

Available in East Meath & Dublin. If you are not in these areas and would like to know when we launch in your area, register here  

Feel like a kid at Christmas when you get your delicious box of the finest freshest ingredients. Easy step by step recipe cards that you can keep and use again. Push your tastebuds with perfectly portioned ingredients from local producers with a little extra something to give you flavours from around the world. This is a weekly subscription service, which you can cancel, skip a week or reactivate any time.

Delivery day: Tuesday.

IMPORTANT - Orders placed on or before Thursday at 8pm will be delivered the following Tuesday between 8am and 7pm. Once order is placed you will receive an email with four meal options and you choose two. Choice must be submitted by Thursday at 8pm, otherwise we can choose for you.

Please leave instructions for where we can leave your recipe box in the notes section. In the event you are not in to receive your box, we will follow the instruction provided. If we do not get instruction, the recipe box will be left on or near your doorstep. The recipe box is thermally lined and watertight and so ingredients will stay fresh outside the fridge for 24 hours. Once you retrieve the box, be sure to unpack all the ingredients and refrigerate as appropriate, in this way, all ingredients will stay good for at least 4 days.

The service is available in these areas of East Meath and Dublin. We have plans to expand soon, however any orders placed outside the delivery zone will be refunded ASAP. If we do not service your area, let us know where you are and we will prioritise service to your area when possible. 

This is a subscription service, you can pause, cancel or activate anytime. Orders must be paused or canceled Wednesday week before delivery otherwise the charge will go ahead.